Westgate Matawale Twinning Project

Year established 2006
Sectors NHS
Country Zomba, Malawi

Overall goals

The advancement of health:

This is a key object of our twinning arrangement and we are helping in this regard in a number of ways:

• Transferring funds raised to our counterparts in Malawi to enable them to procure much needed equipment and as a result helping their economy.
• Sharing medical knowledge and expertise by encouraging dialogue via email to discuss/analyse interesting cases.
• Enabling the staff at Matawale to access the same range of medical journals and textbooks on line that we here in Scotland can take for granted.

Basic health services are unavailable at many health facilities in Malawi. This is mainly due to shortages of trained health personnel, differences in levels of skill among professional staff; and misdistribution of staff between rural and urban areas and between regions. Unavailability of essential drugs, medical supplies and equipment also contributes to lack of services.

The advancement of education

• By installing and maintaining internet and Wi-Fi facilities staff at Matawale are able to enjoy the same opportunities as ourselves in Dundee. This includes access to journals, textbooks, blogs, email and other media.
• Funds raised can be utilised to allow staff to attend further training courses they could not source themselves or find funding locally
• The encouragement of twinning visits to enhance the knowledge of both parties.

The relief of those in need by reason by age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage

• The twinning project is firmly grounded in long term relationships with people committed to living and working in their local communities
• By helping to improve the facilities used by medical staff to provide primary medical care services.
• Through the provision of healthcare information available to staff and patients to improve their knowledge of preventative medicine.

Key UK Colleagues and Partners

Scotland Malawi Partnership
Westgate Medical Practice, Dundee
Pam Wilson, District Nurse
Scotland Charity Regulator
NHS Tayside

International Partners

Malawi Scotland Partnership
Dr Matthews Mtumbuka
Mr Sylvester Chawala, Zomba College of Health Science
Matawale Health Centre, near Zomba
Mr Raphael Piringu, District Health Officer, Zomba District
Dr Collen Zalengera

Sustainable development goals

  • SDG 3 - Good health and well-being

Funding source

Initially, Scottish Government International Development Funds
Charity SCO
NHS Tayside Endowment funding

Project origin

Pam Wilson working as a Nursing Lecture at Zomba College of Health Science in conjunction with Dr Ron Neville GP

Evidence of need

Lack of access to internet and basic medical equipment

Project areas

Primary Care

Project activities

Provision of access to the internet for clinic staff
Purchase of equipment
Exchange Visits
Dialogue by email


Next project to help them cope with long periods of no electricity.
Increase communication and to enable Matawale staff instant access to the internet

Next steps

Installation of solar panels to the clinic


Poor infrastructure

Partnership principles

  • strategic
  • effective
  • respectful
  • organised
  • responsible
  • flexible

Project gains

  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • awareness
  • academic
  • patient
  • resilience
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