People Register

People Register

The People Register allows NHS staff and volunteers who are interested in global health work to register their interest in this area of work. The Global Citizenship Co-ordination Unit and NHS Board Lead Champions will keep a record of this expression of interest and can help match individuals with existing or future projects and invite them to join in local networking and engagement opportunities.

There are a number of ways that NHS staff and volunteers can get involved in global health both here in Scotland and abroad. Traditionally it has been considered through the lens of overseas placements. However, staff from across the NHS contribute in multiple and innovative ways including:

  • mentoring healthcare staff from low and middle-income countries who come and work in NHS Scotland in order to observe or develop new skills and learning;
  • providing remote support including, virtual learning, networks, coaching and mentoring using a wide range of technology from Scotland to staff in low and middle-income countries;
  • facilitating a team member to work in a low and middle-income country;
  • fundraising to support local initiatives and health partnership work;
  • doing voluntary work within Scotland to support refugees/asylum seekers
  • supporting healthcare system development in a low and middle-income country with skills, experience and tools in areas such as project management, financial management and quality improvement.
  • being active global citizens

We have a list of Board Champions for each NHS Board so that staff who would like to pursue or develop their interest in global health work can have a local point of contact and be signposted to further contacts and information. If you would like the details of the NHS Board Lead Champions in your Board then please contact Kerry Chalmers at

If you work in NHS Scotland and are interested in getting involved in global health work, please complete the template below.

The personal details you have provided are included in a List of NHS Board Champions and a People Register and shared between those people listed so that they can develop connections, links and networking.

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