Health Partnerships Map

A key aim of the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme is to connect global health projects and partners who have similar interests and/ or are operating in similar environments in order to facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer.

The Health Partnership Map seeks to provide a comprehensive list of the different global health partnerships being undertaken by colleagues in health and other sectors relevant to health including the third sector, education, academia, the environment and many others. Projects may or may not have overseas partners.

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Title Sector Activity Country
Palliative care service development in Gaza Other Service Delivery Including Quality Improvement Palestine
Palliative care education Education Education Palestine
Undergraduate Oncology Module – Gaza Education Education, Malignant Disease And Immunosuppression Cancer Palestine
Breast cancer service development project in Gaza (Palestine) NHS Education, Malignant Disease And Immunosuppression Cancer, Patient Experience, Public Health Including Prevention, Service Delivery Including Quality Improvement, Training Palestine
Cancer Nurse Education Partnership Glasgow Palestine Education Education, Malignant Disease And Immunosuppression Cancer Palestine
Providing Essential Supplies to Hospital in Iraq Other Kit And Equipment Iraq
Medical Aid to Ukranian Refugees in Poland NHS Kit And Equipment Poland
Providing Oxygen Cylinders to Shahid Khalid Hospital in Iraq NHS Kit And Equipment Iraq
Eye Health service delivery NHS Eye, Kit And Equipment, Research, Training Sierra Leone

If you would like your project to appear on this health partnership map, please complete the Health Partnership template.

If you have any questions or require an alternative format, please contact the Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit.