Why & how to get involved

Many NHS staff want to contribute to global health in low and middle-income countries because they want to be part of making a positive contribution overseas. 

Traditionally global health work has been considered through the lens of overseas placements. However, staff from across the NHS contribute to global citizenship in many different and innovative ways, both from home and overseas.

The Global Citizenship in the Scottish Health Service report highlights the many and varied benefits to individuals, patients and the NHS.

Benefits to the individual include skills development in the areas of leadership and management, communication and teamwork, clinical skills and personal resilience.

There are also wider benefits to the NHS such as enhancement of recruitment and retention, system learning and capacity building, professional development of the workforce and improved patient experience.

This diagram explains the many benefits to individual and the NHS for getting involved in global health work.

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Ways to get involved

As well as partnership working overseas, you may also want to consider some of the many ways NHS staff contribute from home:

  • Mentoring healthcare staff from low and middle-income countries who come and work in NHS Scotland in order to observe or develop new skills and learning.
  • Providing remote support including, virtual learning, networks, coaching and mentoring using a wide range of technology from Scotland to staff in low and middle-income countries.
  • Facilitating a team member to work in a low and middle-income country.
  • Fundraising to support local initiatives and health partnership work.
  • Doing voluntary work within Scotland to support refugees/asylum seekers.
  • Supporting healthcare system development in a low and middle-income country with skills, experience and tools in areas such as project management, financial management and quality improvement.
  • Being active global citizens.

Getting Involved

This 'Guide To Volunteering' will help you explore the different ways to get involved in global health work, both at home and overseas.