NHS Scotland – Global Citizenship
NHS Scotland – Global Citizenship

"Scotland cannot act with credibility overseas if we are blind to inequality here at home. And our ambitions for a fairer Scotland are undermined without global action to tackle poverty"

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Sharing Best Practice and Learning

A key part of the Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit’s work is to share best practice and an awareness of global health work currently being taken forward by colleagues in the NHS and other sectors in Scotland, relevent to health. This provides us with the opportunity to learn from different models and enable the sharing of knowledge and best practice.

Multiple sectors and organisations contribute to global health, and our partnership map is an opportunity for colleagues to share their work widely. This will also enable the identification of potential collaboration opportunities and help to reduce duplication.

For example, an academic group could partner with an NHS team to support the monitoring and evaluation of their project. The academic team could seek research funding for the operational research and the NHS team could seek project funding from a different stream to implement the project.