NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme

The NHS Scotland Global Citizenship programme aims to increase NHS Scotland’s global health contribution by making it easier for all NHS staff to participate in global citizenship, both here in Scotland and overseas.

  • Register Now! NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference Online 2023 is on 25th April from 9:30 to 13:30!

  • Read our professional adviser, Lesley Critchon’s thoughts on why we should bother with Global Citizenship!

  • Our Global Citizenship Award 2022 winner is Andrew Kent, NHS Highland

Scotland cannot act with credibility overseas if we are blind to inequality here at home. And our ambitions for a fairer Scotland are undermined without global action to tackle poverty

Nicola Sturgeon First Minister

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To learn more about global health projects being taken forward by colleagues in the NHS and other sectors relevant to health, visit our Health Partnership map

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The Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit provides facilitation and co-ordination support to global health partnership work in NHS Scotland.