NHS Board Champions

The NHS Board Global Citizenship Champions are a network of staff from across all the NHS Boards (including our retired colleagues) who have experience of global health work and have signed up to be local Ambassadors.

The role of the NHS Board Champion is to support the sharing of best practice, learning and information in local Boards. Board Champions will do this in a number of ways such as:

  • contributing to and supporting local networking and engagement including sharing events and resources that other colleagues can use
  • sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues who are involved in similar or related work
  • sign-posting colleagues to resources and information available including on the Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit website
  • sharing ideas and suggestions on the development of the NHS Scotland Programme either directly through the Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit or through their local Lead Global Citizenship Champion.

In terms of any time commitment required for being an NHS Board Champion, it is only what they can manage to initiate and support local networking and other engagement events.

A complete list of all the NHS Board Champions is available from 

To sign up as NHS Board Global Citizenship Champion, please complete the template below.

The details you provide will be included in a List of NHS Board Champions and a People Register and shared between those people listed and key partners involved in the Programme in order that you can develop connections, links and networking.

Register as an NHS Board Champion