Scottish Global Health Collaborative

Scottish Global Health Collaborative

The Scottish Global Health Collaborative (SGHC) is an inclusive multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral network established to promote greater coherence, coordination, collaboration and communication in Scotland’s global health activities.

All Scottish organisations involved in global health are welcome to become members of the SGHC, including (inter alia): NHS Boards, departments and clinics; professional bodies; charities and NGOs; and academic institutions and departments.

The SGHC is purely a coordination network. Membership of the SGHC comes with no formal rights or entitlement. No members of the SGHC speak for the Collaborative, the Scottish Government or any other SGHC member.

A list of the SGHC Members are provided in the Global Health Collaborative Members List – June 2019.

To become a member of the SGHC please contact