Palliative care service development in Gaza

Year established 2015
Activity Service Delivery (Including Quality Improvement)
Sectors Other
Country Palestine

Overall goals

Support the Ministry of Health in Gaza to develop clinical palliative care demonstration projects for service delivery and clinical training

Key UK Colleagues and Partners

Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust
Global Health Academy University of Edinburgh

Dr Mhoira Leng, Scotland
Dr Martin Leiper, Dundee
Dr Anna Cleminson, Ireland
Dr Anna Voeuk, Canada
Prof Matthew Allsop, Leeds
Jenny Hunt, Zimbabwe
Rachel Coghlan, Autralia

International Partners

Turkish Palestine Friendship Hospital, Gaza
Islamic University of Gaza
Ministry of Health, Gaza


Turkish Palestine Friendship Hospital, Gaza Rantisi paediatric Hospital, Gaza Hamad Rehabilitation Hiospital, Gaza

Sustainable development goals

  • SDG 3 - Good health and well-being

Funding source

Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust capacity building support
Palestunian Children’s Relief Society volunteer travel support
Volunteer contributions


Offer high quality, dignified compassionate and holistic palliative care integrated within a Ministry of Health strategic planning model.
Key componenets;
1. Needs assessment and policy development
2. Access to essential medicines support
3. Development of service plans and job aids
4. Training and mentorship for key staff
5. Future roll out to include primary care and internal medicine

Project aims

1. On site clinical mentorship from multidcisiplinary colleageus skilled in facility and primary based palliative care
2. Distant mentorship and support for MDT and training
3. Suport for development of the nurse specialist role in Gaza for palliatuve care
4. Support for development of protcols and advucating for access to essenatial medicicines
5. Expertise in adult, paediatric and adolecsant care for the above
6. Support for innovative systems such as digital health and hospital at home

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