Linking School of Forensic Mental Health / The State Hospital Scotland with Pakistan Psychiatric Society

Year established 2018
Sectors NHS
Country Pakistan

Overall goals

To train Pakistani Psychiatrists and professionals from the criminal justice system as well as general public about the issues of mental disorder, offending and law.

Key UK Colleagues and Partners

School of Forensic Mental Health Scotland.

The State Hospital Carstairs Scotland.

International Partners

Pakistan Psychiatric Association.

Sustainable development goals

  • SDG 10 - Reduced inequalities

Funding source

School of Forensic Mental Health and The State Hospital have been participating on voluntary basis at present. We would like to establish the programme first and deliver it to the Psychiatrists in Pakistan. Once further extension is required (to criminal justice system and general public), we will apply for funding to the Scottish Government at that stage.

Project origin

Professor Iqbal Afridi – President, Pakistan Psychiatric Society has requested help to develop a two days’ program to equip health / legal professionals about the issues of mental disorders, offending and law. This program will be developed along the same principles as our existing Scottish Approved Mental Health training program which is a two day workshop. The content will be adjusted as per the guidelines from the document "Sindh Pak) Mental Health Act".

Initially it is expected that Dr Khan will travel to Pakistan to deliver the program in person along with Prof Afridi and later video conferencing facilities can be used for other Psychiatrists from The State Hospital to take part in teaching.

Evidence of need

According to the World Health Organization figures about Pakistan, there could be 24 million people who could suffer from mental illnesses. There are only around 500 psychiatrists; which is not as per international standard. Most of the population resides in rural area but most of the services are concentrated in cities. The social services are geared towards physical rehabilitation however psychiatric social workers for mentally ill patients is at initial stages.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) has been planning about Forensic Psychiatry as super specialty in near future. So far forensic cases are dealt by Consultant Psychiatrist at government sector tertiary care hospitals.

With the promulgation of Mental Health Act, suicide is no more a punishable crime in province of Sindh Pakistan. Other sensitive areas such as offences of blasphemy, homosexuality and transexuality and associated mental health/legal problems still need attention.

Project areas

Education/Service Improvements

Project activities

Senior Management Team at The State Hospital Carstairs (19/12/18) noted the content of the report presented (Scottish Global Citizenship Programme: Scotland’s International Development Strategy Linking Scottish Forensic Network / The State Hospital with
Pakistan Psychiatric Association).

SMT approved the proposal.

The School of Forensic Mental Health and Dr Khan under the supervision of Professor Lindsay Thomson will now start working on the educational material and hope to start delivering it by April 2019.


Better equipped Pakistani Psychiatrists and Solicitors about issues on the interface of mental disorder/offending and law. This will help the Pakistani courts to discharge their duties satisfactorily.

Next steps

To develop the 2 day workshop content and start delivering it in person on Pakistan.

Partnership principles

  • respectful

Project gains

  • awareness
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