A-Z Resources

A-Z Resources

We are building up our resource pages. There is a mixture of policy and health partnership documents, links to important guidelines for practioners and links for personal travel and safety. These are categorised alphabetically but can also be found using the Search function on the front page. If you would like us to add a document or link, just send it through and we’ll be pleased to add.


Active Global Citizenship


Child Health

Pocketbook of hospital care for children – essential reading if practising clinical paediatrics.

WHO Guidelines on child health.  

for the most recent guidelines.

Paediatric Epilepsy Training (PET) is a series of facetoface 1 and 2day courses developed by the British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA) in response to concerns about standards of care for children with epilepsy in the UK.  PET has been running in the UK since 2005 and is now being established worldwide. Countries include Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.


Conference Resources 2018

NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference 2nd Nov 2018 – all the slides, poster abstracts and minutes from the workshops

Conference Resources 2019

NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference – 1st Nov 2019

Agenda, presentation slides and workshop notes from the 2019 NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference.


Data sources

Health data visualisation  at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)

Data on the economic and social determinants of health at Gapminder (great for presentations)


Doing It Well Guide

Our “Doing it well” Guide.

This has lots of useful tips for volunteering and building sustainable health partnerships.



Making it work – THETs Toolkit for Medical Equipment donations – a must read if donating equipment or consumables overseas

WHO Donation of medical equipment including a training module and a framework.

Ethical Issues

Ethical Procurement for Health Workbook.
Developed in partnership with the British Medical Association, this contains practical guidance for organisations in health and social care to embed labour standards considerations into procurement and supplier management activities.

Evidence based development

Research for Development Outputs

Comprehensive searchable database of reviews of interventions carried out to promote development.


Funding $$$£££

SGHCU Funding resource with links to databases.


Health Advice for travelling

Information on how to stay healthy overseas

NHS Travel Vaccines 


Health Link 360

A unique clinic in Scotland

Health Link 360

HR Guidance

This is the current NHS Scotland HR Guidance on the Global Health Citizenship

HR Guidance


Malawi - the Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III – essential reading to ensure your partnership is aligned with the Government of Malawi’s strategic objectives.

Medical Council of Malawi  – includes the registration process in Malawi and the patients charter.

The College of Medicine, Blantyre, Malawi

The Malawian Medical Journal

The Malawian Scottish Partnership – based in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) is the national civil society network coordinating, supporting and representing the people-to-people links between our two nations. The organization  represent a community of 109,000 Scots with active links to Malawi. The SMP is a membership organization which anyone in Scotland with an interest in Malawi can join. It is a non-governmental and politically neutral member’s led organization which exist to support members.  read the paper from the University of Edinburgh, Valuing the links between Scotland and Malawi.


Maternal Health

Recent WHO guidelines on maternal, reproductive and women’s health.



THET have developed Principles of Partnership to support health partnerships, and to improve the quality and effectiveness of Partnerships. Essential reading for all involved in health partnerships.

Policy Coherence for Development

Contribute to improving Policy Coherence in Scotland – see the International Development Alliance WIKI

Scotlands place in building a just world

Written in 2014 by the members of the International Development Alliance this document sets out a framework for international development policy and specific recommendations related to six focus areas.


Quality Improvement (QI)

The QI Zone provides  information and resources to support people with experience at all levels of quality improvement to develop their knowledge.
In the QI Zone you will find:
information on the improvement journey and related quality improvement tools and topics
a range of educational resources, including eLearning modules, guides and frameworks
information on the different levels of experience in quality improvement and associated learning programmes.




Advice on risk mitigation from THET

Royal Colleges International Work

Link to the Royal College of Nursing Page on International and Humanitarian Work

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Global Child Health Programmes and the Global Links programme which recruits doctors, nurses and midwives for longer term placements overseas.

Royal College of Surgeons Global Affairs Page



The Safeguarding Support Package, “Safer for All” has been developed by the Scottish International Development Alliance (SIDA) and designed specifically to provide information, tools, and resources and support needed to ensure that safeguarding practice meets the highest standards.

Scottish International Development Alliance (SIDA)

The Scottish International Development Alliance provides support to people and organizations in Scotland involved in international development. The organization provide a range of resources including education and training as well as access to a very comprehensive funding database.

Scottish Contribution to International Development

Students Corner

Students in Health Partnerships Toolkit

A must-read for students volunteering, by THET.


WHO Guidelines for SAFE SURGERY

Sustainability in the NHS

Scottish Government Sustainable Procurement tools – Tools to help Public Sector Organisations comply with the sustainable  procurement duty

NHS Englands Sustainable Development Unit

The Sustainable Development Goals

17 Goals to Transform our World


Travel advice by country

Foreign travel advice by country

Checklist prior to travel from the Foreign Office.


Volunteer Guides

Guidance for UK doctors volunteering overseas from the Royal College of Obstretricians and Gynaecologists


The World Health Organisation (WHO)

The World Health Organisation – great resource to research the demographic data and health profile of countries.

WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health


NHS Bodies and Charities can register for Warpit  and connect with public sector bodies to share resources.



Health Professions Council of Zambia – the registration process in Zambia.