Climate-smart healthcare: The opportunity of Global Citizenship in NHS Scotland

As a worker within NHS Scotland, there are many opportunities not only to impact directly on the health of the population here in Scotland, but also indirectly on global health, through consideration of the potential impact that daily choices can have on people with low or limited access to resources.  The aim of these resources is to support NHS staff to make more sustainable choices in the workplace and understand how these changes can lead to wider global health benefits. Join us for the launch of Global Citizenship resources on Friday 12th November at 1-2pm to find out how you can get involved – register here now.

12th November 2021

As part of Let’s Do Net Zero and aligned to COP26, the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme is launching new Global Citizenship resources to NHS staffThey have been developed through a partnership between the Scottish Global Health Coordination Unit within NHS Scotland, Scotdec and the Bridge 47 and are based on three key principles: the understanding that inequity leads to health inequality; poverty causes poor health; and climate change is a public health emergency.