Benefits of Global Citizenship

Benefits of Global Citizenship

Benefits of Participating in Global Citizenship

There is clear evidence that involvement in global health benefits the Scottish population through a reinvigorated, self-sufficient, innovative and productive workforce. However, to date, evidence on the benefits has not beenĀ  consistently collected. As our unique NHS Scotland approach to Global Citizenship is evolving, we need to understand more about the impact that this valuable work has on the people who deliver it.

From the work undertaken so far, the benefits to NHS Scotland include:

  • Enhancement of recruitment and retention
  • System learning and capacity building
  • Professional development of the workforce
  • Improved Scottish patient experience
  • Reputational development

Evidence for the mutual benefits of global health work can be found in the academic literature and in the experience of health systems that have combined the development of global health work with training and service delivery. Benefits to individuals include:

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Clinical skills
  • Policy awareness and experience
  • Academic skills
  • Patient experience and dignity
  • Personal resilience, satisfaction and interest